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Ramadan Breakfast Idea’s Week 2

Can you believe tomorrow’s the 15th day of Ramadan already? This obviously calls for week 2 of Ramadan Breakfast Ideas. Thankfully I can say that I have been sticking to my plan of healthy breakfast in the mornings 🙂 Below you will be able to find the download for this week’s ideas. Download: Ramadan Breakfast Ideas…… Continue reading Ramadan Breakfast Idea’s Week 2

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Ramadan Breakfast Ideas Week 1

Many people have been asking me for tips on healthy breakfast options. In one of my previous posts, Ramadan Kareem I mentioned a few ideas. I decided to implement these ideas and since we are on day 7, I have made a summary for you (See Below Download). My meals have mainly been dependent on…… Continue reading Ramadan Breakfast Ideas Week 1

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Handmade Tuna Sushi Rolls

Who said eating healthy was boring? These handmade tuna sushi rolls took me 8mins to make and they tasted amazing! Thanks husband for getting them for me!  Ingredients: Nori Sheets Cucumber Tomato Tin of Tuna 1 Tbsp. Mayo Salt Pepper   Method: Drain tuna so that there is no water left in the tin. Place…… Continue reading Handmade Tuna Sushi Rolls

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Melissa Thomas’s Paleo ‘Batter-in-A-Blender’ Almond Meal Cupcakes

So for the past 3 weeks I’ve been doing the Ultimate you challenge. Basically what it entails is trying to change your current lifestyle into a healthier one. I have not gone onto any diet for the challenge but just started eating healthier and increased my current workout schedule. Saturday was a bit tough. I…… Continue reading Melissa Thomas’s Paleo ‘Batter-in-A-Blender’ Almond Meal Cupcakes