Sweetiebox Review

20170529_160129Loved everything about the Sweetiebox. The easy to use online service, the amazing packaging, and the excitement of not knowing what everything would taste like. I’m not really a sweet person but thought why not just try the Sweetiebox and go from there. Luckily they had a trial option for people that would just like to try it out before actually subscribing.When the box arrived It came with a note telling you about the variety of sweets inside. I didn’t really use this until after I tasted everything!

Would I recommend it?20170602_211304

If you are a sweet lover then this is a must. The variety is amazing and the surprise of not knowing what will be coming next month is so much fun! I still have sweets left and that’s after making small packs of sweets for my niece and nephew (Oh, Did they love it!) I even went and bought me a sweet jar to put them in!


Below is a Summary of the Trial Box I received.

Cookies and Cream Hershey’s Kisses – Shaped in little tear drops, made with white chocolate and little bits of biscuits, these tasted absolutely amazing! If I could I would eat the entire tub up.

Gumballs – These tasted exactly the same like your normal gumballs that you would get at the gumball machine. They were shaped into flat discs making it so much easier to just pop into your mouth.

Chocolate Pretzels – What can I possibly say about these? I never thought homemade treats could taste this amazing. It was something so different and so nice! This was up almost instantly. Loved it!

Kanchy’s – This was more of a sherbet sweet with assorted flavors and very chewy. The kids loved it!

Cola Belts – Not really a fan of cola, but anyone that loves cola will love this. It reminded me of those rainbow strips I used to buy when I was younger.

Neon Sour Gummy Bears – So soft and chewy! Sour but a bearable sour. Nice and small to just pop into your mouth.

Winegum Vissen – Tasted exactly like a winegum! Very citrus flavors and soo chewy.

Thanks, Sweetiebox for your amazing service! I had a ball of a time with my box!

For More Information Visit:

Love, AY




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