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Training For Your First Marathon?

So I’ve asked Fabian Collins to share his marathon plan with me. Below he gives a summary of what he has put together for his members in the Northern Suburbs. You can follow their progress on the link provided below. If you have any questions or would like to join you are more than welcome to get hold of Fabian. He is an awesome coach and amazing friend! Thanks for allowing me to share your amazing work! I might be a bit too late to start with the program, but I will follow it as much as I can.



My marathon plan (1st-time marathoner)

I have gathered a group of runners, predominantly from the Northern Suburbs, who will attempt their first full marathon (42k) in September 2017.This will be the Sanlam/Cape Town Marathon that will happen on Sunday 17 September 2017.This “Gold –status” marathon will feature a flat route with a cut off time of six hours and thirty minutes. This will thus be the perfect opportunity for runners who what to attempt their first ever marathon.

However, a marathon is a marathon and is not to be deemed as easy. This is a far cry from doing a half marathon. This will test any novice runner, be it physically or mentally. A Few months ago the idea started at Ommiedraai North, as most of our members have run several half marathons and wanted to proceed a level up. I decided that CTM will be the perfect opportunity for this. I thus had to come up with a program/plan to prepare this group, based on my personal past experiences. I have opened this four-month training plan to anyone in our area irrespective of club affiliation.

This plan is simple and realistic and is not the generic type that one can download from the Net. For starters, they should have completed several half marathons, with a finish time not more than 2:45hours. I’ve included strength training and at least 3 LSD’s (Long Slow Distances) of 30k-32k.Most of the distance accumulation will be acquired during our weekly training programs, including races over weekends.

I’m a firm believer of “purpose-training” with its different variants like – hill repeats, speed training, fartlek running etc.  Runners must always keep in mind that training (running) by yourself or without a coach might not always be that efficient.It might be good to sustain your aerobic ability or to keep fit, but it will not necessarily develop your ability to improve.

Our goal is to finish the marathon comfortable without a set time. As this is their first marathon it should be about the experience and the “enjoyment”. Once the foundation has been laid, we can work on time targets as we go forward.

Follow our progress on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ommiedraai/

By: Fabian Collins, Beginners Coach for Ommiedraai North  

Download: Training Plan For Sanlam Cape Town Marathon

Love, AY


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