The Poke Co.

I haven’t really heard of The Poke Co and wasn’t sure what they sold. I did, however, see that they were halaal and that was a big plus for me as I often struggle to find halaal places on UberEats.

There were various options on the menu but I decided to build my own bowl. You can choose from a variety of protein options, as well as toppings, sauces and a base.

After 5mins of trying to figure out what I wanted(so many awesome options), I chose white rice and chicken, topped with red onion, beetroot, pineapple, and cucumber. For sauce, I chose yummy mayo with cocoa and coriander. I then added extra avocado and topped it with some crunchy noodles.

All I can say is YUMMY. This tasted amazing and was so worth the money spent. It was extremely filling, fresh and crunchy. Let’s not forget to mention there were healthy options as well. Instead of rice, you could have kale.

Poke Co you will definitely be hearing from me again!

Ps: This was more of an online review. Would love to try the actual restaurant out.

For more info visit:Ā

Love, AY


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