Butterfly World 🦋

So we decided to go to butterfly world for a family day out. All I can say is Amazing! When hearing the name of the place one would think that all we will be seeing are butterflies. Boy can names be deceiving. There were snakes, tortoises, frogs, spiders, iguanas, guinea pigs, monkeys and the list goes on.


Upon entering the area, there was a display with birds in the front. This can be seen before even entering the area where the butterflies are held. This then leads you to the main entrance. You are then greeted by friendly staff where your tickets are then purchased.

 After getting your tickets you then go through a walkway which leads you to a door to enter the area where the butterflies are kept. Once you’ve entered the area you walk into a humid environment filled with the most amazing greenery with butterflies everywhere. Various species of birds are allowed to roam freely and if you can spot them, iguanas as well (This was loads of fun especially for the kids to try and find them).


 There were maps placed at random locations to show were you currently are. This helped quite a bit as there was no actual path to follow. With birds and butterflies flying everywhere it was like heaven! There was a touch zone as well where you could touch the iguanas and some of the birds. 

Once u exit the room where the butterflies are kept You then walk into another room where they have spiders, frogs and (my worse enemy) the cockroach on display. After this you exit via another door which leads you to the outside area. 

On the outside you find a restaurant and sitting areas to just chill and have a break. Some of the animals which could be found on the outside include, meerkats (which were super entertaining), monkeys and tortoises.

Overall, this was deflintley money well spent. Everyone had an amazing time, with so much to do. 

It took us approximately 2 hours to go through the entire area including having a break to just chill and eat some snacks. 

I would definitely recommend butterfly world for a family day out!20170507_143915

For more info Visit:


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