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Flavour Nation (Flavour Drops)

Tired of drinking plain boring water? Then you have to try flavour drops!

When Dalene mentioned a while back that she was going to start her own business selling these flavour drops I got very excited. What’s so amazing about these flavour drops you ask? They have zero calories are sugar-free and are packed with so much flavour. I would say this is a must have especially if you trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

So far I tried hazelnut and passionfruit drops.  The hazelnut drops taste extremely yum in a cup coffee. It Just gives it that yummy unexpected taste. The passionfruit one I tried with water and all I can say is mind blowing!

There are so many different ways to use these flavour drops and I must say that It was worth the spend. They are affordable, easy to buy and delivery is super quick. They also come with a lovely origami note with a list of all the ways they can be used(See below).

All I can say is Thank You Dalene!

Coffee and water has never been this tasty!

You can purchase them by clicking on the following link:

Facebook Page:

Instagram: @flavournationsa



Origami Note Received with Order



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