After Easter Challenge

So I finally decided that it was time for another challenge!Easter

With this challenge, I will be taking a different approach. Instead of going all in and cutting out everything, I will try and introduce as many healthy options into my current lifestyle. I’ve decided to name it the “After Easter Challenge”. Not that I had much chocolate this Easter but I can definitely say that I can feel my body needs a “healthy” change (Been having way too much of a party).

The challenge will run for exactly one month and I’m hoping that I will be able to stick to it. Getting back is always the hardest part! Luckily for me, it’s not that hard when you do it in a group and I know a few ladies that are in it with me. I will try and make notes of everything which I will be eating for the next month and highlight the “bad stuff”. Hopefully, this will make me wary of my bad choices.

 Anyyywway, Goodluck to everyone!

I’ve created a sheet to record and keep track of my weekly progress. See download: The After Easter Challenge

Let’s do this!

PS: Happy Post Easter!


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