Bay To Bay 2017 Nutribullet

Shew, was this a toughie. I really struggled to get through this one. Not sure if it was all the bad eats, the no training, or the weather that was a scorcher, but I really struggled. Either way, I clearly need to up my game. Imagine, I entered the 30km initially. I would’ve been DEAD! Thank god I downgraded to do the 15kms.

The race overall has an amazing route. Obviously, the best part being that you run along the beach most of the route. The first few km’s of the route is basically a climb. Climbing all the way to the 5km mark where it’s eventually downhill. If it wasn’t for that downhill I don’t know what I would’ve done.

The race has also definitely grown in terms of numbers. I remember last year there had been so much space to run and the first water station was nice and empty, whereas this year it was so full. I actually struggled to get me some water. Again, this could just be due to the weather being so hot and everyone needing some water to cool down.

Overall I would say an awesome race with amazing views and amazing friends. Let’s not forget to mention Abduragiem, thanks for keeping me going when I was feeling so lazy.  Yes, sometimes we all get a bit lazy, Lol!

Here’s to many more races for the year hopefully with some improvements in my time.

Ps: I might not have won a Nutribullet, but I officially got me one 🙂 



WhatsApp Image 2017-01-09 at 14.28.13.jpeg
Bay To Bay 15km Race Profile

I think the weather got to me so bad that I only discovered 2kms into the race that I forgot to put my watch on! Thanks to Wasfi for giving me Zulfa’s profile.

Start of the 15km Run




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