Challenges Ahead…

Before 2017 arrives, I would like everyone to focus and make a list of the changes you would like to implement in your current lifestyle. Set yourself downloadgoals for the year ahead.

Life itself is a challenge that we all need to get through. Living a healthy lifestyle can be tough. It’s all about focus and commitment.  It’s about moderation! Knowing when to stop.

I have chosen the above picture to illustrate that we will be having a lot of challenges ahead. There are always curve balls that are going to be thrown our way and the route will never be easy. With help, motivation and a proper support system anything is possible.

Some of my goals that I have set for the year of 2017 include:

  • Doing as many Road Races as I can
  • Lifting Weights
  • Going to gym at least 4 times a month
  • Trying at least 3 Trail Runs
  • Living life to the fullest
  • Reaching my weight goals

These goals don’t have to be set for the year but can be done monthly as well. Sometimes creating a goal for the month seems more reachable as it won’t take that long to accomplish them.

I’m going to try and make this journey as fun as possible for everyone. Anyone is more than welcome to join. The challenges are open to everyone. It’s all about having fun while trying to better your lifestyle. Let’s do this!

PS: This would be your first challenge before we enter the new year! All challenges can be found under the healthy living  drop down menu on the homepage of the blog.

Let’s see in the comments below what your goals are, be them monthly or yearly.



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