ASCA 10Km Run

So yesterday was the ASCA 10km race which took place at Cape Town International Airport.  The race started at 6.30am whicimg_20161204_102623h gave me just enough time to sleep a bit late.

The route was overall fairly flat with one or two small hills. This would be an ideal route for people wanting to improve their times and get those PB’s.

I definitely struggled a bit yesterday,  but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t train! Luckily I had my running buddies Ruhshana and Rezah to keep me company which made the run much more fun.

We also got to run the last km with the kiddies as they were doing the 5km and we joined up at the end. I always admire these small ones running. Way to go Ruhshana and  Rezah for training them while they young.

Overall I’d say well done and thanks ASCA for the awesome run! Till next year. Hopefully then I’d win those double flight air tickets to anywhere in the country.

A girl can only but dream 🙂

Finishing off in Style

ASCA 10Km Run Race Profile



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