Mitchells Plain Titans AC Half Marathon

Really enjoyed this race. Had everything from small hills and declines to running on the 20161121_100945.jpgbeach.

The race started 5mins late which meant we started 6.05am. Off the gun went and it was go time. I ran the race with 3 of my club members, Salma, Rezah and Aslam. We decided to take it easy cause some of us were doing the IMPI Challenge (Post to follow) the next day. When we reached the first water station there were plenty of sweets and bananas for everyone which was very cool. All of the Marshall’s were extremely friendly as well.

At about 4km or 5km’s into the race we were running along the beach. What a nice feeling to be able to take in the lovely sea breeze.  I have a great love for the ocean so you can imagine how happy I was when we reached the 11km mark and got to run on the beach. This was so stunning and I was sooooo tempted to go for a swim. I think it lasted for like 2km and that was the best 2km of the race for me.

At about 12km or 13km’s we turned around doing the loop where one of the Marshalls were holding a #witnessthefitness sign motivating the runners.  He seemed very enthusiastic encouraging us to go for it. I always love it when people encourage one another!

Along the route there were plenty of sachets lying around. I can’t seem to understand how people know the consequences of littering in the environment, yet they continue to do it. Myself and Rezah were playing pickup and tried to get as many as we could.

Sometimes you run a race to get a Personal Best time. Other times you just run for enjoyment and great company! Well done Mitchells Plain Titans for and awesome race and well done guys for the great company. We managed to finish exactly 2h40mins!

Overall the route was fairly flat. Best part for me was certainly running along the beach.


Mitchells Plain Titans AC Half Marathon Route Profile




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