IMPI Challenge

While writing this post I am so sore. My legs, arms, tummy, muscles I never knew exist, EVERYTHING! From my toes getting blisters to my body being sunburnt!! What a day it was.

We arrived at the venue just after 8 and it was already HOT! The weather for the day was estimated at 35 degrees and let’s just say the weatherman did not disappoint.  We were a group of 18 consisting of 9 ladies and 9 men. The main objective was start together and finish together.

At 8.45am it was time for us to get to the start.  We started at exactly 9am with our 10km challenge. With everyone at the start extremely excited, the gun went and it was on! We decided to take a jog and everything was going well till we got to the first obstacle which was a mud pit. With the first challenge done and everyone wet not even 1km into the challenge it was onto the next obstacle.

In total there were 18 obstacles that we needed to complete consisting of monkey bars, rope climbing, climbing over walls, snake pits, and many more. The course itself was a tough course. Most of us were used to running 10km but this was just on another level. The ground itself has so many slopes that I decided I wasn’t going to run but instead I got on my buttocks and used my hand gloves (Which is must if you doing IMPI) to slide down till I felt I was able to walk. Why would I do this you may ask? Let’s just say I fell more than 15 times and I wasn’t prepared to fall anymore.  The course itself has so many incline and declines which in turn was an obstacle itself.

I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had to do this on my own! I am so glad that I entered this challenge and had such an amazing team. The guys and ladies were extremely amazing. Such good motivators and yes we all finished together. We had fun, laughed, encouraged one another, scared one another (Edo I’m going to get you back) and looked out for each other. Overall I’d say we all had an amazing experience. It was tough, but we did it and we all finished strong over those lily pad crates.

Overall the IMPI challenge was awesome! Maybe a little more water points especially if it’s hot, but otherwise everything was great! From free kiwi’s to free sunblock and an awesome picture medal at the end. What else can I say but the IMPI CHALLENGE ROCKED. Finish time: 3h42mins. Valyrian blood all the way!!!

Would I do it again???  Mmmmm depends how fast FOMO kicks in!

Finish Photo Medal
The Guys
The Ladies
The Team

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