Winelands 21km Run 2016

Yeahhhh!! Finished the Winelands 21km run today. What a day! Was initially supposed to20161112_185514 run the 42km marathon, but i knew my body was not ready to do another marathon yet. All i can say is best decision EVER! Boy, was this race tough. Could be due to the lack of training! Seriously, i need to train harder!

Overall the first 10km’s of the race started out really easy with a few minor hills. Then it got to 11km where we had to turn into a gravel road! This was really tough for me. This road seemed to have some ripples in it which really messed with my mind. I think it went on for an entire 3km till eventually it was back to the road! Yeah!

The last part of the race was the best part. Managed to push really hard at the end with the help of a fellow runner! He told me that i cannot walk as the people would see. LOL, i guess it got me running faster and just wanting to finish!

Overall it was an awesome day! Got my pretty Grape medal and completed my race in 2:19mins. Lets hope i can keep this up. Thanks Helderberg Harriers for an awesome race. Water stations, signage and everything was all on track. You guys rock!

Ps: Dad and all friends managed to qualify for ULTRA. Well done All!

winelands-route21km Winelands Race Profile


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