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Its A Girl Baby Shower Cake

Sometimes making cakes aren’t that bad!
When asked to make a cake for a baby shower I thought about what would be the easiest and cost efficient option. I then decided to make a round cake with lots of marshmallows. Luckily for me it was a girl so I could just get store bought marshmallows.
I then decorated the entire cake with frosting and stuck the marshmallows all around the cake. I left a space in the middle to put a toy baby doll on top that can probably be bought at any baking shop.
I then managed to get some edible confetti in pink and white and just sprinkled it on the cake with the doll. For the final touch I managed to get a nice pink ribbon just to add a finishing touch. This cake worked out much cheaper than what you would have paid to have one made.
Hope you like it!
Ps: For a boy baby you could colour the white marshmallows blue and use a blue ribbon.  

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