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Alvin And The Chipmunks Party Theme

What a theme! That’s all i have to say. When the little niece told me she wanted an Alvin and the Chipmunk cake i had no idea how i was going to go about it. Usually the internet would be able to help, but this time i needed to dig deep for ideas as there wasn’t much ideas available from my friend Mr Google!
How was i going to make this work? Not only did i want to make something cost effective, but i wanted her to love it!
Basically i started out by making 2 square cakes filled with icing in the middle. This was my base to work from. I then managed to visit the local Osmans shop in Gatesville where i managed to find myself some music note cookie cutters as well as some guitars to help me out with some decor. I then managed to cut out some pics of the chipmunks, stars, her pet (Fluffy), her with fluffy and some speakers.I also decided to make a mini happy birthday banner using two chopsticks. With a lot of cutting and pasteing pics onto toothpicks i think it came out looking awesome.
All i know is she loved it!
Oh lets not forget the cupcakes and decor. See below pics for some ideas.




Ps: If your child chooses this theme, Goodluck 😉

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