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Fruit Basket Cake

After being asked to make a cake for a family members birthday, I had no idea what to do. Since she loves fruit I decided to make a fruit basket cake. Eventually I started googling ideas and most of them were either to extravagant, expensive or impossible for me to do.
 Eventually I decided to just make a cake with lots of different fruit on top of it.  Surprisingly it turned out looking amazing and I can officially say I cannot believe I made this cake!! With lots of googling and some creativity anything is possible.
I just made 2 square vanilla sponges with some caramel in the center and all around. Covered the entire cake with some yummy whipped fresh cream. I then bought some wafer sticks and used them to surround the entire cake and tied it with a ribbon. I then bought a variety of fruits and just placed them  on top of the cake. Tada! An awesome end result.
Fruits I used:
 Just a random idea!!



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