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Really Easy Fridge Cheesecake

This is probably one of the easiest and tastiest desserts ever. Every function I attend I always seem to be making this cheesecake and its always been a hit. It’s extremely easy to make and can be decorated in so many ways.
125ml Melted Butter
1 Packet Tennis Biscuits
1 Tin Condense Milk
1 Cream Cheese
250ml Fresh Cream
½ Cup Lemon Juice
¼ Cup Cold Water
¼ Cup Warm Water
3 Tsp Gelatine
For the Base
Break tennis biscuits into pieces (I use a potato masher)
Add melted butter to tennis biscuit mixture and mix.
Take mixture and put into a dish to make the base of the cheesecake.
Set this aside in the fridge while making the cheesecake mixture.
For the Mixture
Beat cream until almost stiff.
Add condense milk and cream cheese and mix for like 30 seconds.
Pour in lemon juice and mix until blended.
Take ¼ Cup warm water and dissolve the 3 Tsp of gelatine. Once dissolved add the ¼ Cup cold water and mix.
Add gelatine to mixture.
Once everything has been mixed, take dish out of refrigerator and add mixture.

Leave to set overnight.

PS: I usually use jelly as a topping.
I use the normal jelly for this and make it exactly the same as per packet instructions but instead I use ice blocks to replace the cold water. This helps to make it set sooner.
If you planning on using jelly as a topping, you need to first set the cheesecake and then put the jelly layer on afterwards.
Enjoy !
All images are cheesecakes which i previously made 🙂
Image 1: Strawberries with Cadbury Chocolate Drizzled over
Image 2: Strawberry and Kiwi with Green Jelly
Image 3: Strawberry with Red Jelly
Image 4: Grated Cadbury Chocolate
Image 5: Granadilla Pulp with Granadilla Jelly



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