That Sugar Film

Not sure if you heard about the documentary called That Sugar Film. I watched it over the weekend and would recommend it to everyone out there. It’s a real eye opener especially for those who love sugar. It shows the journey of a man who embarks on a 60 day sugar challenge. He consumes 40 teaspoons of sugar a day (all this being hidden sugars). At the end of his journey the side effects are discussed.
After watching the documentary I started watching the amount of sugar which I intake per day. Never really looked at the back of a carton of milk, chocolate, cereal or anything. Let’s just say it’s scary! Who knew that 1 cup of LOW FAT MILK had 3 TEASPOONS of sugar in? Apparently the daily recommended amount of sugar is 6 teaspoons a day so let’s just say I have two glasses of milk, mmmm that’s it? I’m done for the day! No way. I find this so hard to believe.
So the rule is 4g of sugar = 1 Teaspoon of sugar.

Next time you go shop check the nutritional information. Also beware that some companies disguise the sugar content by using fancy names such as syrup, fructose,  honey etc.

 Some Of The Many Names Of Sugars



Overall I would recommend this documentary to everyone. Let me know your thoughts once you watched it.

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