Banana and Cheese Omelette

So I’ve recently been trying to eat healthier to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’ve done this by mainly reducing my sugar intake (Seems to be going well – Thank god for cheat days). My husband then asked what I would like for supper and I told him to make me something healthy yet tasty. Check out my yummy omelette he made. Who knew healthy could be this good.
1 Tsp Butter
2 Eggs
Full Cream Milk – 100 ml
1 Banana cut into piece
Some Cheese
Melt butter in a pan.
Put eggs, salt, pepper and milk in bowl and mix with whisk.
Then pour into pan. Add banana and cheese.
Flip omelette over to cook on one side. If this doesn’t work just flip the omelette so that it’s a half of an omelette. This makes it easier to flip over.
Garnish with rocket.
This Recipe is Courtesy of my amazing husband!



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